Newborns at Ilaya Clinic

The ilaya team are overjoyed to announce that in June two wonderful couples became parents!  

A few days ago, we welcomed the long-awaited arrival of a baby boy who will soon be going home to Germany with his happy parents and a set of twins, a boy and a girl, who were born to a lovely couple from France. 

This is by far the most exciting moment in a surrogacy programme and we never tire of seeing the smiles on parents faces when they get to hold their baby (or babies!) for the first time. 

Surrogacy can be a long and sometimes difficult journey for parents but moments like these make you realise what it was all for!

Congratulations to the parents on the new additions to their families!

baby newborns at ilaya clinic Twin newborns at ilaya clinic hugging Twin newborns at ilaya clinic

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