Asherman’s Syndrome Treatment

Endometrial Regeneration Programme

Surrogacy programs are no longer the only solution!

Women who struggle to get pregnant due to poor endometrial thickness can now conceive naturally and give birth.

What is Endometrial Regeneration?


Pregnancy requires not just a healthy embryo, but also a healthy and mature endometrium, which can ensure the implantation of the embryo and the onset of your long-awaited pregnancy.

Asherman’s syndrome, chronic endometritis, polyps, endometrial hypoplasia, uterine synechiae and poor endometrial thickness are the most common reasons for infertility.

Ilaya’s doctors and biotechnologists have developed an innovative and very effective treatment to resolve the problem of poor endometrial health.

The endometrium is a dynamic, cyclically regenerating tissue, a unique model of physiological angiogenesis in adults. We offer endometrial regeneration using autologous adult stem cells, followed by conception via in vitro fertilization or naturally.

Endometrial regeneration using adult stem cells from the patient’s own body is a reliable, safe and effective method of treatment.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Mother and Daughter who benefited with Endometrial regeneration programme
  • Women who have experienced several failed IVF programs due to the uterine factor.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with Asherman´s syndrome.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with female infertility caused by uterine hypoplasia

The treatment is based on using your body’s own (autologous) mesenchymal stem cells. We collect a small sample of your cells in a painless procedure, and our laboratory can grow the required number of cells in less than a month. As early as your next menstrual cycle, it is possible to carry out the endometrial regeneration procedure and start your long-awaited pregnancy

How does it work?


Step 1: Online consultation

After you get in touch with our managers, they’ll arrange a free online consultation with one of our doctors to confirm your diagnosis and details, to make sure that this treatment is right for you.


Asherman’s syndrome treatment - Trip to Kyiv

Step 2: Plan your trip to Kyiv

After a positive consultation, you can start planning your trip to Kyiv, Ukraine, where the treatment is performed in our clinic facilities. You will need to visit the clinic three times during the course of treatment. You can make two trips to Kyiv – once for an examination and collection of stem cells, and the second time for the implantation procedure, which usually takes place about 21 days later. Or you can come once and stay here for the entire procedure, which usually takes about one month.


Step 3: First visit to the clinic

Your first visit to the clinic is for preliminary diagnostics, analyses and screenings.

Asherman’s syndrome treatment- first visit to clinic


Asherman’s syndrome treatment- second visit to clinic

Step 4: Second visit to clinic

During your second visit, we collect material by an endometrial pipeline biopsy in the proliferative phase of your menstrual cycle. This painless procedure lasts about two hours.


Step 5: Preparation of stem cell product

After the collection procedure you can fly home or stay in Kyiv; during the next three weeks, our team will be preparing your therapeutic dose of cells. In our lab we will isolate stem cells from the sample we have taken, grow them, test them and create the stem cell product.

Surrogacy in the Ukraine


Asherman’s syndrome treatment- third visit to clinic

Step 6: Third visit to the clinic: introduction of the cellular product, and regeneration phase

This occurs at the beginning of the menstrual cycle – the proliferative phase. During the procedure we return your own stem cells (which have multiplied in our lab and have been tested for quality) back to your uterus, stimulating the regeneration process. This procedure is also painless and lasts up to two hours.


Step 7: Fly home!

Depending on your case, in the absence of other causes of infertility in both partners, pregnancy may occur in the same cycle naturally or as a result of IVF, even if you previously have had unsuccessful attempts!
You can also opt for the IVF programme at the ilaya clinic.

Asherman’s syndrome treatment- fly home

What is included in the treatment programme?

medical equipment and treatment programme

The Endometrial Regeneration Programme includes all the necessary medical procedures, such as:

  • Medical screening for more than 20 factors
  • Endometrial Sampling
  • Cultivation (multiplying and testing) of the endometrium stem cells
  • Hysteroscopy followed by the introduction of the stem cells
  • Consultation and Ultrasounds

We will also be happy to assist you with transfers and accommodation if needed.


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