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Making sure that you choose the right surrogacy clinic is important to your success. Knowing how to make that choice may not be as difficult as you think.

Surrogacy can be a very difficult process, choosing the right surrogacy clinic doesn’t have to be. There are many available options, which can make the surrogacy process seem overwhelming. Understanding how to choose a surrogacy clinic based on the needs of your family can make the whole process much more bearable.

The team at your chosen surrogacy clinic will be there for you to answer any question that may arise during your treatments. This is just one reason why it’s vitally important to choose a clinic that fits you and your family perfectly.

Location of Your Surrogacy Clinic

Location is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right surrogacy clinic. Do you look for a clinic nearby or surrogacy abroad? There are advantages to both, for legal, financial and medical reasons.

Legal reasons

Even if you don’t reside in a state or country that has surrogacy friendly laws, your surrogacy clinic will. Make sure that you choose a surrogacy clinic that is well established within a state or country that allows surrogacy. Being familiar with the city or state that their main office is located in can help to remove some of the stress and fear of your initial appointments. That said, surrogacy clinics in a different state or country to yours will also make every effort to put you at ease.

Financial Reasons

No matter which surrogacy clinic you choose, there is a very good chance that the process will cost quite a bit of money. Be better prepared for expenses by also factoring in any necessary transportation costs to and from your chosen clinic. Occasionally these costs can be reduced by choosing a surrogacy clinic that not only has a local facility, but also has facilities in other countries or states, where the treatments themselves may be cheaper.

Medical Reasons

You’ve probably undergone what feels like hundreds of tests and treatments along your journey so far, but surrogacy requires just a few more. Your chosen surrogacy clinic should offer a stress-free environment to visit while you undergo any additional procedures. Pay close attention to how medical coverage works within the state or country of your chosen surrogacy clinic.

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Your Surrogacy Clinic and Legality

Depending on the needs of your family, certain surrogacy clinics will be a far better fit than others.

Same Sex Households

The laws that are local to any given surrogacy clinic will define whether or not that government extends surrogacy programs to same sex partners. Some states and countries only require that a couple be married to be eligible for surrogacy programs. Others dictate that the parents are heterosexual. There are still a great many options for same sex households, so don’t get discouraged.

Unmarried or Single Intended Parents

Some states and countries require intended parents to be legally married and do not acknowledge common law unions. If you’re single or unmarried, make sure that your surrogacy clinic has worked with situations similar to your own in the past.

Altruistic Surrogacy

Occasionally, laws require that any surrogacy be altruistic. One in which the surrogate mother is not compensated for her time, but only reimbursed for specific expenditures. This is a choice that must be made within your household. Ensure that the surrogacy clinic you choose offers you the surrogacy program that you and your family are most comfortable with.

Travel Considerations

Because local laws may be unfavorable to specific situations (such as those mentioned above), travel may be required. Ensure that whatever state or country your chosen surrogacy clinic operates is in is governed by laws that fit your situation completely. Certain clinics can offer a wider reaching base of operations that can more easily adapt to the particular needs of your family. Finding a surrogacy clinic that has this flexibility can save you money and a considerable amount of time.

Choosing Your Surrogate Mother with Your Surrogacy Clinic

Choosing a surrogate mother is easily one of the most exciting parts of a surrogacy program. This step signifies that you are well underway to building your new family! Make sure that your surrogacy clinic offers multiple options and has a thorough candidate screening process.

Screening Process

Your surrogacy clinic should provide all surrogate candidates with a thorough and relevant health evaluation. This should include both mental and physical screenings. Some countries have strict guidelines on who can qualify to become a surrogate mother. Your surrogacy clinic should also be equipped to continue health monitoring throughout the pregnancy. Ask specifically what screening processes your surrogacy clinic conducts with their candidates.

Options Abroad

Some surrogacy clinics offer options for surrogate mothers in different countries. This can help circumnavigate costs and unfavorable legislation. If you’re looking into options abroad, make sure that your chosen surrogacy clinic has an excellent reputation and has worked with those countries regularly.

Candidate Meetings

Meeting potential surrogate mothers can be just as nerve-wracking as it is exciting! Make sure that your surrogacy clinic of choice allows you the option to meet with multiple candidates. Also consider how much time you and your family will need with a potential surrogate mother to decide if she is the right fit. Feel comfortable discussing any hesitations or concerns with your surrogacy clinic.


Communication is key! Choosing a surrogacy clinic that fits your needs also means choosing a clinic that makes you and your family feel prioritized. Make sure that your surrogacy clinic of choice not only has an excellent reputation, but also experience, and a staff that you feel comfortable with. The best surrogacy clinics will assign you a liaison or point of contact to manage your case.

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Treatment Choices at Your Surrogacy Clinic

Choose a surrogacy clinic that can help you with all aspects of the process. Choosing a clinic that is highly regarded for both its surrogacy programs and its medical advances. Make sure that your clinic of choice is ready and experienced with not only surrogacy, but IVF and cryobank technologies. There are lots of treatment choices you should be aware of.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation, or IVF, is the backbone of surrogacy programs everywhere. While the procedure has been available since the 1978, it’s important to choose a surrogacy clinic that fundamentally understands innovation within this science. Medical science is an ever-changing field, and your surrogacy clinic must be up to speed with any advances in technology.

Cryobank Technologies

Simply put, cryobank technologies allow both your genetic material and your stem cells to be stored. You may have heard about how important retrieving and storing umbilical cord blood can be for the future health of your child. Surrogacy clinics that offer facilities to store genetic material can prove extremely useful should multiple rounds of IVF be required.

Final Thoughts on Finding Your Surrogacy Clinic

Choosing the right surrogacy clinic for your family can feel overwhelming. Once you have found the right fit, you will undoubtedly be more assured and confident. The right surrogacy clinic will be with you every step of the way. Take the time to choose your clinic carefully, because you and your family are worth it!