What are the requirements for Intended Parents considering Surrogacy in Ukraine?

  • Due to current legislation in Ukraine, surrogacy is only open to heterosexual married couples at this time.
  • The Intended father must provide his own genetic material.
  • Couples must have a medical reason which prevent the intended mother from becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term under safe conditions for both her and the baby-to-be. This is a requisite of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and include:
    • Absence of a womb (inborn or acquired) (i.e. Rokitansky syndrome).
    • Uterine malformations; anatomical, morphological and/or structural problems of the uterine lining that lead to implantation failure or are incurable are some examples of what the law accepts.
    • Severe Somatic Symptom Disorders (SSDs) which may endanger the life of the patient during pregnancy but have no influence on the health of the foetus are considered to be a valid reason as to why one may need a surrogate to have a baby.
    • At least 4 failed IVF attempts using high-quality embryos is also considered a medical cause that can leave a couple no alternative but to turn to surrogacy. In such cases, the Ukrainian authorities will require you to provide proof from the fertility clinic you were working with in your home country. A Doctor should consolidate this information in your medical certificate/letter.