From UK to Ukraine: Perspective on Ukraine Surrogacy from Parents Who Have Been There

Perspective on Ukraine Surrogacy

Three couples from all over the UK talk about their experiences with ilaya’s surrogacy program in Ukraine.

Ilaya’s international surrogacy programs are designed with you in mind. Creating new options and better programs to ensure that you get exactly the services you need, without the costs you don’t, is our mission. Whilst helping to create families, ilaya depends on the feedback of our intended parents, both previous and current.

Feedback from our clients is what helps ilaya to create new treatment options, adjust workflows and staffing requirements, and create an atmosphere that puts intended parents at ease. Always striving to produce the best results for you and your family. Three couples from the UK and Ireland graciously allowed us to share their stories and experiences of Ilaya’s Ukraine surrogacy program. Helping you make the best decisions for your journey.

Perspective on Ukraine Surrogacy: Why Choose Ukraine Surrogacy?

These couples each had their own reasons for looking towards Ukraine for their surrogacy needs. From friendly referrals, convenient travel, and favorable surrogacy laws, each found that Ukraine was the best choice for them.

“We had read a lot about the surrogacy options available to us and Ukraine seemed like a good fit because it’s not too far from the UK, meaning we could fly over in a few hours for the ultrasound scans”

Many European intended parents friend that choosing a clinic that is quick and easy to get to can help alleviate some fears surrounding surrogacy. There are no special visas necessary to most parents who wish to travel to Ukraine, and the airfare is often very reasonably priced.

“We did some online research and Ukraine seemed to be a popular destination given the laws supporting surrogacy”

Ukraine has very surrogacy centered legislation. Since the early 2000s, Ukraine has enacted laws that protect intended parents and surrogates alike. There are also strict medical guidelines that providers must adhere to, keeping families safe.

“We actually started a surrogacy process with another clinic, but during the first visit we just felt that something wasn’t right, so we reconsidered our options and decided ilaya was a better choice”

Ensuring that the surrogacy program you choose fits your family goals and plan is a very important decision. Making sure that you feel safe and cared for during the process shouldn’t be a luxury. Do as much research as possible before deciding on a clinic. Should you find that the clinic you choose doesn’t fit as expected, choose a different program. You are in control of your journey and your family.

“[Advice we would give would be] Find out the options available to you and compare them, trust your instincts and choose a clinic you feel comfortable with.”

Anyone beginning a surrogacy journey is bound to have concerns, reservations, and even a bit of anxiety. These are perfectly normal responses to these situations. Don’t second guess yourself and ask all the questions you can at any time.

“[My biggest concerns were] Not having complete control over the process- my anxiety levels were through the roof!”

During surrogacy, fears will crop up. Find out if the program you choose offers counseling services and make good use of them! Quiet your fears as they arise and communicate your apprehension to your program coordinator. Stress during a surrogacy process is normal and self-care is extra important during this time.

“We read a lot about surrogacy before we started and some of the information led to many concerns. I suppose that doing this [surrogacy program] in Ukraine the main thing we were most worried about was the language barrier… but this was quickly dispelled as we received regular updates and there was always someone to talk to.”

For many parents, feeling out of control and helpless during a surrogacy can lead to feelings of panic. Keeping in contact with your team and your surrogate can help. Good communication and regular updates can serve to make intended parents feel more involved. Helping them to relax throughout the process, whether it’s during IVF, the pregnancy, or the birth.

“[My biggest concern was] Not having contact with my surrogate- my friend did not meet her surrogate until a week before the birth because the clinic wouldn’t allow it. My experience was very different, and I have a great relationship with my surrogate…”

Creating the ideal match between intended parents and their surrogate is a normal and healthy part of the process. Each intended parent and surrogate has the right to decide what type of relationship they would like to have with one another. Keeping open lines of communication and creating a universally understood birth order can help each individual involved understand their individual role.

How Long Do Programmes Last

Each program will have its own particular timeline. Depending on what treatments are necessary, which surrogate you choose, and a multitude of other factors, programs can seem to take forever. Especially for the rightfully excited intended parents.

“Stay positive- it might take longer than you hoped but you will get there! [The most difficult thing for us was] Keeping the faith that it will work out. We had many failed IVFs and unsuccessful pregnancies before we turned to surrogacy.”

The gritty truth of contending with any infertility diagnosis is understanding that sometimes, treatments don’t work the first time around. IVF and other fertility treatments can be a touchy subject for many intended parents– especially if they’ve struggled with the procedure in the past. Keeping a positive attitude and discussing concerns with staff can help smooth over these bumps in the road.

“[Our surrogacy program took] About 15 months. We signed July 2018 and our son was born in September last year, but we stayed in Kiev for several weeks after the birth waiting for the passport.”

IVF failures aren’t the only problem that can arise during a surrogacy journey. It’s important to discuss as many possible scenarios with your provider as you can before you start your program. This can help you feel like you have a good plan in place should the unexpected happen.

“We actually haven’t finished our program yet, baby [is] due at the end of April!”

Perhaps the most important perspective to keep throughout any surrogacy process is the joy and positivity that your family will receive. Step back if things feel a little overwhelming and focus on enjoying the little things, like ultrasound appointments and pregnancy updates. Reach out to friends and family members, or online communities and share your experiences as they arise. Surrogacy is no easy task, but with the right clinic and attitude, it can be something worth fighting for.