“I Was Diagnosed With Asherman’s Syndrome and Now I’m a Mum”

Diagnosed Asherman’s Syndrome

Two women describe their journeys from infertility to motherhood.

Natalia and Vera were given solemn diagnoses. After years of struggling to conceive, the two women were eventually told that due to issues with their uterine lining, their endometrium, they were unlikely to have children of their own. This all too familiar tale isn’t the only thing these two women have in common- both were treated at ilaya in 2018 by our very own Dr. Inna Sapozhak.

Each woman contended with fears of failure and anxieties for new treatments, but each came out of their procedures with the thing they had worked so hard for- a child of their own. These are the stories of their journeys.


Diagnosed With Asherman’s Syndrome – Natalia

“We came to ilaya clinic after we saw an advertisement on the Internet. That was in 2015. We came to the clinic, met the doctor, then we took the time to think about it, and in one week we came back to sign the contract for the treatment.

Due to some personal reasons, we didn’t start the treatment that year, and we came back to it only in 2018. The doctor we had met three years ago was absent at that moment, and in the clinic, they suggested that we go with Dr. Inna Sapozhak. We accepted, came for a consultation and our treatment story began.

“The doctor we had met…was absent… the clinic they suggested that we go with Dr. Inna Sapozhak.”

We opted for IVF because previously I had had three ectopic pregnancies, and by that time my fallopian tubes had been removed. That’s why natural pregnancy wasn’t possible in my case. IVF was our only option. We got embryos and started hormonal stimulation, but my endometrium wasn’t responding and wasn’t growing, remaining too thin for the embryos to implant.

The first attempt unfortunately failed. Then our doctor suggested that we try stem cell endometrium regeneration treatment. We didn’t hesitate – since Dr Sapozhak said it might help, we just opted for it that same day. In our case, it seemed to be a good chance to finally get our long-awaited pregnancy. We had faith in ourselves and trusted our doctor. From the very first day, my husband said that he trusts this doctor and we would do everything she thinks might help us.

“I had had three ectopic pregnancies… my Fallopian tubes had been removed. That’s why natural pregnancy wasn’t possible in my case.”

Before the procedure, Dr. Sapozhak explained how it would be performed and how the treatment works in general. She explained that first, she would take my endometrium cells, then in [the] laboratory they would cultivate them to millions of stem cells, and after a while they would inject them back to the uterus, followed by hormonal therapy and then embryo transfer.

I won’t say that the procedure itself was absolutely painless, but it was okay; you can stand it without anesthesia, and it doesn’t last long. After the procedure for one month, we were coming for hormonal injections and we got the result – in less than five months I got pregnant. My endometrium, which never had grown to more than 5 mm of thickness, grew to 8 mm after the procedure, and this was more than enough to get this pregnancy.

“In less than 5 months I got pregnant. My endometrium, which never had grown [past] 5mm… grew to 8mm after the procedure.”

I’m a very happy woman now, that’s all I can say. I was waiting for this pregnancy for a very long time! It is like a miracle for us.I’m so grateful to my husband that he was always there to support me; to my family; and of course – to our doctor, and I’ll be grateful to her all my life. Dr Sapozhak became like a guardian angel for our family. She’s always very attentive and ready to help. After more than 10 years, our infertility story has ended.

To all people who struggle to conceive I would definitely recommend ilaya clinic. Also, I would like to tell you to never give up on your dream, always move forward and the most important thing – believe in yourself and everything will come true.”


Diagnosed With Asherman’s Syndrome – Vera

“We started our treatment at ilaya clinic in the summer of 2018. We came here because of the doctor, Inna Sapozhak, who was recommended to us as a good specialist in this area. Now I’m a mother and I’m very grateful to her.

We were fighting against infertility since 2002 when we started to plan our pregnancy. Two years later, in 2004, we went to a clinic for the first time (another clinic, not ilaya), where I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovary. Then years of treatment, several tries at getting pregnant naturally – all unsuccessful. I almost gave up on the idea.

“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary…including Asherman’s syndrome and polyps in my uterus… years of treatment, several tries at getting pregnant naturally – all unsuccessful. I almost gave up on the idea.”

However, many years later my husband and I came back to the idea of becoming parents. We decided not to give up so easily, and we came to ilaya and specifically to Doctor Sapozhak. I had several problems with my reproductive health, including Asherman syndrome and polyps in my uterus. But I wanted to try to get pregnant naturally, even though we knew that chances were very low. First, we started treatment with medication. I also had surgery to remove the polyps. After a while, my long-awaited pregnancy occurred, but unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage.

“I wanted to try and get pregnant naturally…we started treatment with medication. I also had surgery… unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage.”

Then we decided to undergo the IVF procedure. We got good oocytes and best quality embryos, but the main problem was that my endometrium wasn’t growing enough for successful implantation. It didn’t respond to any of the drugs we tried. The doctor offered us this new method of endometrium regeneration using stem cells. It was our last chance – if it didn’t work the only solution for us was surrogacy.

But I really wanted to carry and give birth to a baby. We agreed to undergo this procedure without any hesitation. And we did it, it worked! After this treatment and IVF transfer, I finally got pregnant, and we will become parents soon!

“My endometrium wasn’t growing enough for successful implantation… The doctor offered us this new method of endometrium regeneration using stem cells.”

An experienced doctor, a state-of-the-art clinic, new technologies, your faith and following all the doctor’s advice: all these factors together are the recipe for success.

I highly recommend ilaya clinic and Dr. Inna Sapozhak to all those who are facing the problem of infertility.


Finding Hope

Both Vera and Natalia faced hardships and extreme disappointments. Contending with a not only devastating diagnosis but repeated failed attempts at obtaining the pregnancy that they had always hoped for. With their drive and dedication to their families, along with the help of our doctors, these women were able to persevere through situations that could cripple even the strongest.

So, after everything they had gone through, what advice does Vera leave for all the others struggling in the same way?

“What would I advise people who are facing the same problems of infertility? Just don’t be afraid. If you want to give birth to your own child, you have to listen to your doctor, don’t panic, and keep trying. Never give up. If you don’t try, you’ll never know if it would work or not, and then you will regret it.”