USA Cross Border Surrogacy Program

USA Cross-Border Surrogacy program is a new international commercial surrogacy program from ilaya. It leverages our position as a provider with a presence in various locations around the globe. This allows us to offer a unique service with advantages drawn from several different countries. It also means that the cost is about half the price of a typical surrogacy arrangement in the US.

Our newest international surrogacy program is carried out under California law. This US state is one of the most favorable jurisdictions in the world for surrogacy. More than this, it boasts a stable, well-developed legal system. The surrogate spends the first six months of the pregnancy in Mexico, before travelling to the US for the final trimester and birth.

The USA Cross-Border Surrogacy program opens the doors to the California system for couples that were seeking surrogacy arrangements in the US but would otherwise have been deterred by the high costs of US providers. By drawing on our resources, years of expertise in Ukraine and reliable partners in Mexico, ilaya is able to keep prices low. This makes international surrogacy available to an entirely new group of potential parents.

The benefits of surrogacy in the USA

Cross-Border USA Surrogacy ProgramBesides the cost advantages of the new program, our use of California law delivers several key advantages over surrogacy arrangements in other jurisdictions. Firstly, the USA Cross-Border Surrogacy is open to same-sex couples, and to single parents. This is unlike our traditional Ukraine-based surrogacy program, and those in several other countries.  In Ukraine, surrogacy is limited to married couples, and same-sex marriages aren’t recognized by Ukrainian law.

Secondly, California law allows for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) testing of embryos produced by in vitro fertilisation. This helps identify harmful genetic conditions before the embryos are implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb.

In addition to offering the benefits of California law, USA Cross-Border Surrogacy also allows patients to benefit from Mexico’s leadership in IVF technologies. Fueled by demand for American surrogacy programs, in recent years Mexico has become one of the world’s top centres for IVF.

Babies born under ilaya’s USA Cross-Border Surrogacy program also have American citizenship. This greatly facilitates the process of recognizing the rights of the intended parents. The recognition process is performed by a US court order, which is readily recognized in several EU jurisdictions. More so than many of the other legal processes for establishing parenthood in a surrogacy arrangement.

Yet another advantage of the USA Cross-Border Surrogacy program is that it offers a greater variety of sperm and egg donors to choose from. This makes it easier for you to find the race, physical features and other attributes that will best suit your family.

Benefits of the cross-border surrogacy program with ilaya

Our newest program also offers all the same advantages of our other surrogacy programs. Careful selection of surrogates, excellent facilities and prenatal care. We also offer assistance with arranging travel and accommodation. You will receive individual attention from your personal manager at ilaya and the rest of our multilingual staff. Personal payment plans are available, as are insurance options for potential extra costs.

Interested in our USA Cross-Border Surrogacy program? Figuring out whether it’s right for you? Find out more on our US Surrogacy page.