Meet the Team: Spotlight on Dr. Inna Nikolaevna Sapozhak

Dr. Inna Nikolaevna Sapozhak

Your family is our passion at ilaya, take a minute and say hello to our dedicated team members.

When dealing with the heartache and often frustrating diagnosis of infertility, it’s absolutely paramount to ensure that you are in the best care possible. Ilaya understands how difficult the journey to parenthood can be for some people, and strive to make the experience as seamless as possible.

This is why each of our amazing staff members are picked with you in mind. Dr. Inna N. Sapozhak is not just another member of our fantastic team, she is a dedicated professional with 16 years of experience and caring. A Gynecologist-Obstetrician, Dr. Sapozhak has shown a fierce interest in many different aspects of the field. Earning specialities in fertility, endocrinology, and ultrasound.

Her zest for knowledge has encouraged her to author over 30 publications in local and international scientific journals, as well as authoring two different patents. Dr. Sapozhak was awarded the highest degree of qualification in the speciality of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Her focus throughout her career has been firmly set on the health and vitality of expectant mothers and intended parents, with expertise in the areas of infertility treatments, pregravid preparation, pregnancy management, and postpartum care. She is also a leading physician in the areas of gynaecological treatments such as pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, hyperplasia, endometrial polyps and cervical pathology.


Spotlight on Dr. Inna Nikolaevna Sapozhak: Care Designed for You

Dr. Sapozhak spent the years of 1996-2002 studying medicine at Donetsk National Medical University, only to follow up her initial degree with a certificate and specialization in obstetrics and gynaecology in 2004.

In 2013, she obtained the Highest Qualification Category (PhD) in OBGYN. Taking much of her time to focus on the problems that most detrimentally affect both mother and child. Problems like miscarriage, high-risk pregnancy, deadly infections, antiphospholipid syndrome, and hypertension during pregnancy.

Making her a foremost expert when it comes to giving you the best care possible during difficult times. Understanding that infertility is a problem for both the man and the woman, Dr. Sapozhak focuses her treatments on the family.

“A couple always undergo examinations together – a man and a woman. A man submits a spermogram, a woman checks anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), steroid hormones, infections and prepare for metro-salpingography.” Following initial exams, Dr. Sapozhak insists that couples should not become discouraged, as treatments for various problems exist.

“If AMH is low, it is an indication for immediate IVF. If the Fallopian tubes are impassable, also IVF is required. The sooner [a couple] finds out the cause of infertility, the faster we can determine the need for IVF or other treatment.” Dr. Sapozhak continues to stress that time plays a very important factor when considering your reproductive health. “Age matters, the condition of a woman’s ovaries is determined by her age. The older the woman, the less her ovarian reserve is, and the quality is also lower with age. Therefore, the sooner a woman starts IVF, the higher are her chances of getting the desired pregnancy. In women over 36 years old the [likelihood of] pregnancy after IVF reduces.”


Spotlight on Dr. Inna Nikolaevna Sapozhak: Fertility: A Growing Issue

“Unfortunately, the percentage of infertility is only growing, because women put off their reproductive plans to 35-45 years. By this period, the ovarian reserve of the Over Aires is reduced. By this age, chronic diseases arise that can disrupt the function of the ovaries, uterus and Fallopian tubes.” Ilaya understands that each person’s journey to parenthood is different, and we all have our reasons for hoping to delay or encourage our family’s growth.

Which is why our company strives to provide you with only the best doctors and most novel medical practices available. Ensuring continued options to help your family grow, such as IVF or surrogacy programs. Procedures and practices throughout Ukraine are constantly changing and improving. Dr. Sapozhak describes her excitement at what’s to come in the future: “Firstly: the emergence of more, high-quality medications and new stimulation protocols that improve ovarian response but reduces the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. Secondly: Improvements in medical equipment that are less traumatic for women, for eggs and for embryos. And thirdly: improvement of legal parts of the procedure.” Further expanding the options that couples have available to them, while simultaneously streamlining the process that exists today.

“In Ukraine, doctors work according to European standards. Specialists in this field occupy leading positions in the global market, conducting a lot of researches and discoveries. A strong legal framework and support for foreign couples is noted.”

The ability of doctors in Ukraine to offer innovative treatments at high-level facilities is indeed on par with any other medical facility in Europe. Which gives many international couples a choice that they might otherwise not be privy to. As infertility rates rise, and demand for reproductive procedures increases, many couples find it difficult to afford necessary procedures.


Choosing Different

Ukraine surrogacy programs and reproductive medical procedures offer couples from all over the world an opportunity for a better life. Practitioners are constantly looking for ways to better serve their clients, and better assist their patients. Improving access to procedures and practices is something that is necessary for the coming years.

Because despite a growing need, few services are offered by national health systems, and the cost is oftentimes highly prohibitive. “…the cost of IVF and other services are several times cheaper than in Europe.” Which allows couples to come and explore the abilities of talented and dedicated physicians, without having to worry about where these services might take them.

Ultimately, having a family of your own is a goal that shouldn’t be denied to anyone. Making the process widely achievable without endangering intended parents, surrogates, or practitioners is how we achieve that goal. With continued research, innovative practice, and an understanding that everyone has limitations is the best way forward. We dream of a better future for everyone involved, and with doctors like Inna Nikolaevna Sapozhak, these dreams can become reality.