Mexico Surrogacy: The Newest Program to Fit Your Needs

mexico surrogacy

Surrogacy is never a “One Size Fits All. So to give your family the best start possible, you’re going to need the best options.

Finding the right surrogacy program to fit your family is a process. Often a long, drawn-out, maze of potential and frustration. This can be even truer if you’re part of a same-sex family, unmarried couple or a hopeful single parent. Unfortunately, fewer options exist for these specific family dynamics. Not only that but of the options available, most are far more expensive than programs available to traditional family paradigms.

This is largely in part to the countries in which programs are available. A very common and accessible choice for alternative familial structures are surrogacy programs in the United States. However, these programs just aren’t possible for some families.

With price tags soaring above the $100,000 mark, many hopeful people are unable to secure such expensive programs, despite their legitimate need. Luckily, as the world becomes more comfortable with the concept of surrogacy and more inclusive toward different types of families, viable alternatives are opening up to these individuals.


Considering Mexico Surrogacy

Especially for families that live outside of the US, surrogacy in Mexico can be an attractive option for same-sex partners, unmarried couples, and single parents. Because travel costs to the US are incredibly expensive, and visas can be difficult to secure, surrogacy Mexico opens its arms to families that need better options but have been turned away from other programs- based solely on their family dynamics.

Mexico has a state of the art healthcare facilities and a number of spectacular surrogates to choose from. All on a smaller budget than you can expect from US surrogacy. These programs offer the same benefits that you would expect from any other program, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) programs, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, gender selection, and legal support. Ensuring that your family remains happy and healthy from start to finish.

Working closely with partner programs in Mexico, ilaya can offer their clients a safe and assured avenue to pursuing surrogacy in the country. Offering you peace of mind right alongside a friendly budget.


How Surrogacy Programs in Mexico Work

Surrogacy in Mexico may not have many similarities with the US, but where they do coincide is how laws work. Much like the United States, Mexico allows each state to form its own legislation concerning many important issues. One of which is surrogacy.

In some Mexican states, surrogacy has been strictly outlawed, while in others it’s not really regulated at all. Still, some states hit that surrogacy sweet spot and allow for well-curated and expertly ran programs to exist. In these states, surrogacy works very similarly to how it does in other surrogacy favorable countries.

Surrogates are carefully selected and screened. Confirming that these women are in prime health and are capable of the tasks that being a surrogate requires. Comprehensive medical tests are performed to check that no pre-existing illness, disease, or disability exists that may endanger the health of the surrogate or your future child. Psychological tests are performed and the potential surrogate undergoes counseling. Further proving that they are up to the task of gestating a child for another family.

Following these exams, the surrogate is then prepared for selection by hopeful families. After families are paired with the surrogate that fits them best, both the surrogate and the family go through the process of creating a pre-birth order or surrogacy contract. This contract outlines the roles and responsibilities that are expected of both parties and is considered a legally binding document.

Soon after, using IVF techniques, the surrogate is implanted with the growing embryo. While this can sometimes take a few cycles of IVF to obtain positive results, the wait is definitely worth it. Following a positive pregnancy test, your Mexico surrogacy journey is well on its way.


Mexico Surrogacy: A Long Road, Well Travelled

Throughout the pregnancy, intended parents will be kept in close contact with their child’s journey. All medical appointments and ultrasounds will be quickly delivered. Parents are also encouraged to keep in regular contact with their surrogates at this time. Language barriers are no longer limiting, thanks to sophisticated translation software and capable of on-staff translators.

After what seems like an incredibly long wait, the time will arrive when you and your family are due to travel to Mexico and meet its newest member! Whether or not you may be physically present for birth is something to be discussed during your surrogacy contract, but parents are always welcome at the hospital during the birthing process.

Following the birth of your child, there will be time to sort out all necessary documents and passports to get you and your new child back home safely. ilaya offers full legal support during any of our surrogacy journeys, so that hopeful parents have one less thing to pull focus away from their new bundle of joy. Making the process as smooth as possible, from start to finish.

While it may not be a simple choice, finding a surrogacy program abroad that fits your family doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Every day, new options for programs and treatment arise, so that your family will always have choices available to them. No matter what your family looks like.