Rejoice! The Best Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

Tips for a healthy pregnancy shouldn’t be hard to find or follow. 

Congratulations mama! You’ve done it! You’ve either taken the leap and decided to create a new life in your family, or you’ve become pregnant. Either way, your journey begins now. For anyone who’s looking for a dive on how to have a healthy pregnancy, you know just how much information is available. 

List upon list of the Do’s and Dont’s, What to Expect, and How to Stay Healthy can be found at the click of a mouse. The sheer amount of information available, from online sources, friends, and family, and even that unsolicited stranger- can seem pretty overwhelming at times. But don’t let it bog you down.

To kick-off our little list, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that you are radiant! Just looking for some genuine advice shows how much you care about the baby you are bringing into this world. So before you follow any one of our tips: Take a moment and celebrate yourself. Celebrate your hard work and dedication, joy, and love. Remember that, during this time, take the information that is valuable for you, and leave the rest for someone else. Don’t feel like you have to follow each guideline you find to the letter. Find your own balance and cultivate the journey that best supports the needs of you and your family. 

All Natural 

One of the best healthy habits you can start now to really improve the health and happiness of your pregnancy is to get outside. Start a simple, low-impact exercise routine that’s easy to stick with, like walking, swimming, or yoga. 

  • A simple exercise is great for improving mobility, which can decrease pain and risk of injury
  • Sunlight can help lift the mood and boost Vitamin D levels, helping to improve the effectiveness of the prenatal vitamins you’re already taking
  • Finding your ideal weight and continuing to gain healthy weight throughout your pregnancy is much easier when you’re on the move


Consider starting yourself on a healthier diet- rich in whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. 


  • Cutting out junk food early on can help curb naughty cravings later
  • Many processed foods have lower levels of nutrients, while still holding on firmly to calories
  • A healthy diet can positively affect more than just your physical health but may improve the mental health of you and your child down the road


Get rid of unnecessary and pesky toxins. This can mean distancing yourself from common environmental exposure, or changing so habits you already have. 


  • Avoid alcohol. Quit smoking and cut out recreational drugs now. If you feel like you can’t realistically stop using these substances, talk with your doctor about cessation plans created especially for you. 
  • Wear sunscreen and licit exposure to strong UV rays. While sunlight is definitely a great idea, pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive to UV radiation.
  • If you’re exposed to toxic chemicals at your workplace, discuss this exposure with your doctor and employer. Try to find ways to reduce any possible exposure. 


Steps for Success

There are a few different plans that you can start creating in the early days of pregnancy, or if you’re just considering becoming pregnant. These well-thought-out and structured proposals can help you feel more confident about your ideal birth plan. 


  • Write a flexible birth plan. Think about how you’d like the birth to happen, but be comfortable in adjusting that plan as you progress through your pregnancy.
  • Tour birth facilities, talk with doctors and doulas. Consider hiring a midwife. Choosing your providers early can help you to form a necessary bond with them before emotions take charge. 
  • Go to your dentist! Take some careful consideration of your oral care habits and get any issues addressed before you become pregnant, as some dental procedures can’t be carried out during your pregnancy. 


Act pregnant. Let important people in your life know how you’ll be wanting to carry out your pregnancy.


  • Tell employers early, so any necessary changes to tasks or environmental hazards can be carried out early. 
  • Let your friends and family know about your plans. This will help create a support network for you. Try and get your partner involved with any new healthy habit changes
  • Interview Obstetricians early. Find a doctor that you really connect with, one that will make you feel safe and cared for- so there’s no hesitation when you need them. 

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Find Your Tribe

Networking during pregnancy may sound a little weird, but now is a fantastic time to create new relationships and widen or enforce your safety and support structures.


  • Take a local pregnancy class or join a support group. This can put you in touch with others who are having similar experiences and give you a chance to talk with people who make you feel understood. 
  • Create an open dialogue with friends and family members who have been pregnant before. Ask them about their experiences. 
  • Join support groups or therapy. Whether they are online or in person. This is especially important for those mothers who have had difficulty becoming or staying pregnant


Being pregnant comes with a whole slew of new emotions and sensations. Create spaces in your world where you can open up and discuss concerns or situations with trusted friends. Also acknowledge your boundaries, understanding when you might not want to discuss your pregnancy.


  • Remember that this is a very personal time. Only discuss your pregnancy when you’re ready and with people, you feel comfortable with.
  • Consider journaling or blogging your experience! You never know who your journey will be valuable too. These also make wonderful keepsakes for your children in the future. 
  • Take loads of pictures or videos. Be joyous in your journey. Share your time and stories with others and enjoy listening to theirs. 


Above all, take time for yourself. Remember that you, your partner, and your baby are all intimately connected. Find happiness in doing. Take time to de-stress and relax, every day. Open up and be honest about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing with those closest to you, even when times are difficult or confusing