Surrogacy Czech Republic

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic for single men and gay couples.

After several years of working with surrogacy processes in Ukraine, we have expanded our operation to include a service offering gestational surrogacy in the Czech Republic. The option Surrogacy Czech Republic is exclusively open to single men and gay couples who need IVF with an egg donation to build their families. This programme is a collaboration between ilaya and our partners in the Czech Republic and Ukraine and together we will provide you with information and support throughout the entire process.

Egg donation in the Czech Republic is anonymous, regulated by law and based on medical requirements. No biological material will be taken from the chosen surrogate.

The surrogate is not anonymous – the couple will meet the surrogate and can choose to be in touch with her during the process.

Surrogacy Czech Republic: gay surrogacy

This option is open to single men and gay couples who need IVF with an egg donation to build their families.

The Surrogacy program timeline


Free consultation

Our multilingual case managers will offer you advice, support and information about all details of the program.

Surrogacy Czech Republic


Surrogacy Czech Republic: Free Consultation

Start of the programn

Once you have decided to start, we will draft all the necessary paperwork and prepare the contract.


Travel to Czech Republic / providing a biomaterial

Once the previous steps have been completed, you can start to plan your first trip. You will visit the clinic, provide your biomaterial and will undergo medical analysis for the IVF process.

Surrogacy Czech Republic


Surrogacy Czech Republic: Contract

Choosing an egg donor and surrogate

Based on your test results you will be matched with a genetically compatible egg donor and we will connect you with a potential surrogate.


IVF and implantation

The chosen donor will undergo an ovarian stimulation process and egg retrieval, eggs will be fertilised in the lab and embryos formed ready for implantation. The surrogate will then be invited to the clinic for the embryo transfer.

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic


Surrogacy Czech Republic

Pregnancy supervision

Once we confirm the surrogate is pregnant, the pregnancy supervision programme begins. You will be updated regularly with any relevant analyses by your case manager and be able to follow the growth of your baby over the next very exciting months!


Birth of the baby

The day has finally arrived! A few days before the delivery you will make your second and final trip for the birth of your baby!

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic


Surrogacy in the Czech Republic

Obtaining documents and going home

After the baby is born we will help you with all the documents you need in order to obtain a passport or travel document for the baby for a safe passage home. However, we advise you to contact your lawyer at home to ensure a smooth process once you return to your own country as you may be required to complete additional steps.

Advantages of Surrogacy in the Czech Republic

Legal aspects

In the Czech Republic, the process of surrogate motherhood is not regulated by a specific law, instead, it is based on existing laws, specifically the Civil Code. The biological father’s name appears on the original birth certificate. First, the surrogate and the intended father sign a mutual statement on his paternity. Both the father and the surrogate sign this document at the registrar‘s office. This typicall takes place after the 12th week of pregnancy and after obtaining the result from a non-invasive paternity test from the blood of the surrogate mother. This is performed to ensure that the child is really a biological descendant of the intended father.

After the birth, the surrogate mother will renounce her parental rights in writing and the father will be able to go back home with his baby.

Important note: the exit process of taking a baby born through surrogacy out of the Czech Republic may vary depending on the nationality and embassy of the father, so we always advise having a consultation with a qualified attorney in your home country.

Surrogacy Czech Republic

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