Surrogacy Mexico

The new surrogacy program mostly designed for gay couples, unmarried or/and single parents.

A new surrogacy destination has opened! In close collaboration with our partners, we designed a new, guaranteed, surrogacy program for same-sex couples, unmarried couples and single parents based and performed in Mexico. Discover our Surrogacy Mexico Program.

Despite Surrogacy USA being a great opportunity for homosexual couples and single parents, it is quite expensive and not for everyone’s wallet. Examples of some of the expenses are: high compensation to the surrogate, travel and stays in the USA, insurance, uncovered and unexpected fees. So, before starting the process you need to consider well all these factors.

If you are limited in your finances and are not prepared to pay more then 100 000$ for your surrogacy journey, this Surrogacy Mexico program might be your best bet.

Surrogacy Mexico

Assistance in preparing the necessary contracts, legal support from beginning to end of the journey, psychological support and postnatal care are included.

The Surrogacy Mexico Program timeline


Your journey starts here!

Ready to become parents? Your surrogacy in Mexico journey probably started some time ago but now you are ready to take the next step to make it a reality. By contacting, you’ve already made a huge move towards realizing your dream.

Surrogacy Mexico


Surrogacy Mexico: Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Our multilingual case managers will offer you advice, support and information about the program and put you in touch with our partners.


Start of the program

Once you have decided to start, you will sign the contract with us and our partners. This initiates the next stage of the Surrogacy Mexico program which involves finding a surrogate, donor or obtaining the authorization to ship bio-material (if required).

Surrogacy Mexico Program


Contract - Surrogacy in Mexico

Sign the contract with the surrogate

Once the surrogate has been selected, you will need to sign a contract with her to formalize the process.



In order to participate in any surrogacy arrangement, for the surrogacy in Mexico program, using your own bio-material, you will need to undergo preliminary testing and to deposit material or carry out an IVF process. This will be done at our facilities in Mexico.

Surrrogacy Mexico: Biomaterial


Implantation Process - Surrogacy Mexico


Once the IVF process is completed and the embryos are formed, your surrogate will be invited for implantation and two weeks later a pregnancy test will be performed!


Pregnancy supervision

During the pregnancy, you will be kept up to date with medical appointments, ultrasounds and have regular contact with your surrogate.

Surrogacy in Mexico: Pregnancy Supervision


Surrogacy Mexico: Pregnant Woman

Birth and passport

Nearer to the birth, you will arrange your trip to Mexico to meet for the new addition to your family! Following the birth of the baby, you will obtain a passport and all necessary document for travelling home.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Mexico

Surrogacy friendly states are hosts to many successful surrogacy programs each year.

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