Surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy laws in the United States of America vary widely from state to state.

It’s important to consider this before pursuing surrogacy in the USA. Connecticut, California, Delaware, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire and the capital, Washington D.C all have favorable legislation and do not restrict or limit surrogacy to traditional family models.

This means that these states are a popular destination for parents such as single parents, unmarried couples, same-sex couples and couples using a double donor, who are restricted by the legislation in Ukraine or other surrogacy-friendly countries.

The program offers a unique approach to surrogacy in the USA, offering IPs the possibility to use their already formed embryos of there own, carry out a new IVF cycle with there own materials, or use either egg, sperm or double donors to form their future family.

Surrogacy USA is a great opportunity but a quite expensive one. Examples of some of the costs are high compensation for the surrogate, travels and stays in the USA, insurance and uncovered and unexpected fees. Before starting the process you need to consider strongly all these factors.

If you are limited in your finances and are not ready to pay more then 100 000$ for the surrogacy journey, a program in the Czech Republic or a surrogacy program in Mexico might be the best alternative instead of surrogacy in the USA.

Surrogacy in the USA for Gay Couple

The child’s legal parents are determined by court order prior to the birth, and the names of both parents will appear on the birth certificate.

The US Surrogacy program timeline


Your journey starts here!

Ready to become parents? Your surrogacy journey probably started some time ago but now you are ready to take the next step in making it a reality. By contacting, you’ve already made a huge effort towards realizing your dream.

USA Surrogacy


Surrogacy USA: Free Consultation


So you’ve made up your mind and you’ve contacted your chosen agency or clinic.


Start of the program

Once you´ve decided to start, the agency will draft the necessary paperwork and prepare the contract. This initiates the next stage of the program which involves finding a surrogate and obtaining the authorization to ship bio-material (if required).

US Surrogacy


Surrogacy USA: Contract

Sign the contract with the surrogate

Once the surrogate has been selected, you will need to sign a contract with her to formalize the process.
There is no need to travel to the US at this stage – the contract can be signed in front of a notary public in the U.S embassy of your own country. However, you are welcome to travel to the US to meet your surrogate in person, if you wish.



In order to participate in any surrogacy arrangement using your own bio-material, you will need to undergo preliminary testing. This can be done in your own country. If you need to deposit material or carry out an IVF process, this will be done at our facilities in Mexico or in the USA. If you opt for the donor program, you will need to choose your donor at this stage.

Surrogacy in the USA


US Surrogacy


Once the IVF process is completed and the embryos are formed, your surrogate will be invited to the clinic for implantation and two weeks later a pregnancy test will be performed!



During the pregnancy, you will be kept up to date with medical appointments, ultrasounds and have regular contact with your surrogate. Nearer to the birth, you will arrange your trip to your surrogate’s home state in preparation for the new addition to your family!

Surrogacy USA


Surrogacy USA

Birth and passport

Following the birth of the baby, you will obtain a birth certificate and a passport. Babies born on US territory will be awarded an American passport but can apply for their parent’s citizenship once they return home. Parental rights for Intended Parents are granted via a court decision.

Advantages of Surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy friendly states are hosts to many successful surrogacy programs each year.

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